VIew Of Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour
By Brian Stuart

Retire in Sheet Harbour

Dreams are for real People
Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia
Sleep On it !
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Stuffed With Lobster - The Henley House

The Henley House History  (Sheet Harbour )

The Henley House was built in 1916 by Roy and Loretta Henley and continues to operate under the
ownership of Dr.Brad Atkinson and his wife Meryl , who is originally from Wales.
The property was purchased from the Henley family in 2008 , and with love and respect it was fully renovated  and continues to operate as  The Henley House Pub and Restaurant.
A Sheet Harbour Heritage not to be overlooked when you visit the area.
Eating Well and Living Well  is ....Well you know what I am trying to say , too full to find the right words.... " c'est la haute cusine par excellence I guess ! "
 The Henley House
Click Here - The Henley House

Maritime Custom Leatherworks

Jeff & Matthew Hogg & ClarenceMisener
Maritime Custom Leatherworks
22960 Highway 7
Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia
902 - 885 - 2352